Start your investing journey with Chip.

Get your money working with a selection of popular investment funds  - built and managed by the experts. Low fees and simplicity guaranteed.

With investing, your capital is at risk.

Build a diversified portfolio with our range of free to access investment funds.

Choose from a Cautious, Balanced and Adventurous fund, aimed to cater to a range of risk profiles, along with the FTSE 100 and US Tech funds.

S&P 500 Tech fund

Invest in tech giants from across the USA; Silicon Valley to New York City.

FTSE 100 Index fund

Invest in big British businesses, like Rolls Royce, Sainsbury’s and Vodafone.

Cautious Fund

The clue’s in the name, this fund takes a cautious approach.

Balanced fund

This fund aims to find a balance between risk and return.

Adventurous fund

For those happy to accept more risk in pursuit of higher returns.

Low cost way to invest.

An efficient low cost way to build a diverse portfolio, without having to buy stocks or bonds individually.

Manage your investments.

Sit back while your investments are managed by the experts at the world’s biggest asset managers.

Open a General Investment Account.

A GIA (short for General Investment Account) is a standard investment account that allows you to invest as much as you like with no limits. You can invest in up to 5 funds with a GIA on our free plan.

Investment funds from the experts.

All the investment funds available through Chip are curated by the experts at the world’s largest asset managers like BlackRock and Vanguard, who do all the work for you. Funds are like ready-made diversified portfolios straight off the shelf.

Low fees with no surprises.

If you’re new to investing, fees can seem complicated but we keep it simple and transparent. There is a flat annual platform fee of 0.50%, collected monthly (£1 minimum).

Each investment fund has something called a fund management charge. This is charged by the fund managers (like BlackRock) to manage your portfolio.

Getting started

Invest and manage your portfolio in the Chip app.

Manage your investments all in one place, buy, sell, and check your portfolio’s performance on the ‘Invest’ tab of your Chip app. This is updated daily with an easy to understand interface giving you a breakdown on how each fund is performing.

Choose your account

Enjoy tax-free returns with a Stocks & Shares ISA and invest without limits with a GIA.

Pick your investment fund

You can access a selection of our funds for free or access our full curated range with a ChipX membership.

Manage your portfolio

Once you’ve deposited into your funds, sit back, relax and let the expert fund managers do the hard work for you.

With investment, your capital is at risk. Tax treatment depends on your individual circumstances and may be subject to change in the future. A monthly or annual ChipX membership fee is required and fund management charges apply.

Want more? Enjoy our full selection of funds with ChipX.

With a ChipX membership you can build wealth the way that works for you. Access our entire curated range of investment funds and enjoy 0% platform fees with unlimited use of auto investing tools.

A monthly or annual ChipX membership fee is required and fund
management charges apply.

Got a question?

What funds and investing accounts can I access on the basic Chip plan?
When investing with Chip on the basic plan, you can access a selection of investment funds on our free plan to help you get started. Choose from a range of BlackRock & Vanguard diversified funds and a selection of indexes like the FTSE100.
What fees will I pay?
On our free plan you'll pay a platform fee of 0.25% to invest with us. ChipX members will pay just the cost of their membership and enjoy 0% platform fees.

Please note fund management charges also apply, charged by the asset manager responsible for your fund e.g. BlackRock.
What are fund management charges?
While Chip takes payment for these, these are charged directly by the asset manager (e.g. BlackRock) who manage your investments. They vary from fund to fund, each fund manager fee is clearly displayed on the fund’s page in your app.
What are platform fees?
Platform fees provide you with access to investment funds on your app. You only pay a platform fee on a Chip standard plan. There are no platform fees for ChipX members (only fund management charges). Chip’s platform fee for the standard plan is an annual charge of 0.25%, applied to the value of your investments including growth, charged monthly.

A minimum charge of £1 applies if you have a balance above £1 in any investment fund. You can find information about your platform fees, and how these are charged in your Investment statements’, on your Profile. We reserve the right to amend these fees with two months’ notice.

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