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Competitive rates, monthly prizes and award-winning tools for building your wealth.

We aim to find competitive rates for your savings.

Withdraw your money at any time.

Fully FSCS covered.

4.6 rating  |  26k+ reviews
Charges may apply for additional features.
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Eligible deposits are protected under Financial Services Compensation Scheme up to £85,000.

Savings. Your way.

Competitive rates, monthly prizes and award-winning tools for building your wealth.

4.6 rating  25k reviews

90 Day Notice Account
4.10% AER
Prize Savings Account
4900+ Prizes
Cash ISA
4.75% AER
Instant Access Account
4.84% AER
90 Day Notice Account
4.10% AER
Prize Savings Account
4900+ Prizes
Cash ISA
4.75% AER
Instant Access Account
4.84% AER
What we offer

Meet our savings accounts.

We currently offer three savings accounts, all in one savings app.

Chip Instant Access
4.84% AER
4.84 AER (variable tracker).
Deposit and withdraw instantly.
Deposit up to £250,000.
Our Instant Access Account
Chip Cash ISA
5.10% AER
Build your wealth tax-free
Deposit and withdraw instantly.
Earn interest monthly, tax free.
Our Cash ISA
Chip Prize Savings Account
£62k prizes
Win a share of £62.5k in prizes each month.
Access your money anytime.
Your money is FSCS protected.
Our Prize Savings Account

How to choose the right savings account.

When you’re deciding on the right account for your savings, there are a few things you need to consider before you open a new savings account.

Think about what you want to achieve and how you want to get there. Try our savings goal calculator.

What are your savings goals?

Consider what you're saving for and how you want to get to your specific goal. For example a short-term goal such as a holiday requires a different strategy to your long-term goals, such as retirement. Choose a savings account to reflect that.

How often do you need access?

If you’re saving for something like an emergency fund, it’s important to go for a savings account that gives you immediate access to your money. If your goal is in the future than a notice account allows you to lock some money away and avoid the temptation to spend.

How much do you want to save?

Some easy-access accounts offer a competitive rate, but only allow a set amount of withdrawals per year for you to keep it. With our Chip Instant Access Account, there no penalties or reduction in your interest rate for withdrawing.

Why save with Chip?

From competitive rates to innovative products, we’re here to help you build your wealth effortlessly in one savings app.

Competitive rates

We keep our eyes on the market to make sure you’re always getting an amazing rate on your savings.

Withdraw anytime

Withdraw as many times as you like with no fees, penalties or reduction in your interest rate.

Fully FSCS covered

All of the savings accounts we offer are FSCS protected, giving you peace of mind. Find out more about how we protect your money.

Easy App & Quick
"The app is very easy to use and depositing money into my Chip account is done in seconds without any hassle."
Fantastic app for managing money!
"Chip has completely transformed how I manage my money. Within a year I had reached all my savings goals."
Great customer service
"Rare these days with other banks but when I contacted Chip with an issue the response was very fast and the problem was immediately resolved. Well done and keep it up!"

All our savings accounts are covered by FSCS.

All our savings accounts are provided by UK authorised banks and any money deposited in them is eligible for the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), where the government guarantees the return of up to £85,000.

You made a save!
You saved £47.24 automatically.

Build wealth automatically with Savings Plans.

All our savings accounts work with our Savings Plans, so you can automatically build your savings without thinking about it. Our savings app is designed to help build your wealth.

You can use both our award-winning Auto-Saving technology and our new Recurring Saves feature to build fully customised savings plans. Charges may apply - read more on our pricing page.

Set up your savings goals in a few taps.

Whether you’re saving up for a rainy day fund, a house deposit or for your next holiday, create the right savings goal for you. All in one savings app.

You can create multiple savings goals within the app, set up how you want to allocate your funds from your Chip savings accounts, and see how far away you are from achieving your goals.

With Chip, you can be confident that you have a savings app that’s here to help you achieve your financial goals. Calculate your savings interest earned.

Earn competitive savings rates with Chip.

Chip is a savings app that’s always looking to give you better savings rates. With our intelligent automatic saving tools and plans, we’re here to help grow your savings. Learn how to save with Chip.

You can begin saving with our market-leading savings account for free today. Begin building your wealth effortlessly with Chip all through our savings app. Charges may apply.

Getting Started

How to open your savings account.

We've made it easy to start building wealth with our savings accounts. No forms or fuss, get started in just a few minutes. Download the app via Google Play or App Store.

Find 'Savings' tab

On the ‘Savings’ tab of your Chip app, you can choose from a range of savings accounts offering great interests rates and chances to win big prizes.

Connect your bank

In order to make near instant saves and withdrawals, you just need to connect your bank. Follow the simple steps to add your account in a few taps.

Start saving!

Make your first deposit via bank transfer, from your Chip savings accounts, debit card or Apple/Google pay and that’s it. Your account is open!


Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about savings accounts.

What is the difference between a savings account and a current account?

Savings accounts and current accounts serve different purposes and come with distinct features. Savings accounts are, as the name suggests, designed for saving money. They tend to offer interest on the balance, encouraging individuals to save for the future. Current accounts, meanwhile, are primarily used for everyday transactions such as paying bills, making purchases, and receiving income.

What is the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), and how
does it protect my savings?

The FSCS is a government-backed initiative in the UK that provides protection for consumers in the event that their financial institution fails. This ensures individuals do not lose their eligible deposits if a bank or other financial institution becomes insolvent. Currently, the protection limit is £85,000 per person, per banking institution.

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