We’re not just any savings account.

Better rates, monthly prizes and award-winning AI to help build your wealth. We’re doing savings differently.

FSCS covered

All the money deposited into our accounts is covered by the FSCS, and we're regulated by the FCA. To read more about how we keep your savings safe click here.

Easy withdrawals

You can easily move your money in and out at the tap of a button. There’s minimal forms and minimal fuss. No more endless scrolling and switching to get a better savings rate.

Competitive rates

We pool our customers’ money and negotiate with banks to bring you the best accounts we can get, then we keep fighting to get better rates on those accounts.

Meet our savings accounts

We currently offer four savings accounts, all in one app.

Instant Access Account

Better returns today, not tomorrow.

Prize Savings Account

Make your savings exciting.

90-Day Notice Account

Resist temptation and get a higher rate.

Easy Access Account

With daily compounding interest.

Choose your account

How to choose the best savings account?

By doing your research and choosing a savings account that meets your needs, you can build a strong financial foundation and reach your savings goals more quickly. Make sure you take the following things into account when choosing the right savings account for you:


What are your
savings goals?

Consider what you’re saving for and choose an account that aligns with your specific goal. For example, for a short-term goal, look for an account with a high interest rate and no minimum balance requirement.


How often do you need access?

Work out how often you’ll need to access your savings and what access options you prefer. For example, all Chip savings account are available and accessible via our savings app only.


How much do you want to save?

Determine how much you want to save and ensure the account you choose has features that align with your desired savings amount, such as high interest rates or additional incentives.


What are the features and benefits?

Look for accounts with additional features and benefits such as a mobile savings app that help you manage your savings more effectively by track your savings progress and goals.

Save effortlessly with Chip

Build wealth automatically with savings plans.

All our savings accounts work with our Savings Plans, so you can automatically build your savings without thinking about it. Our savings app is designed to help build your wealth.

You can use both our award-winning Auto-Saving technology and our new Recurring Saves feature to build fully customised savings plans.

Types of savings accounts

What are the different types of savings accounts?

A savings account is a type of bank account where you can deposit your money and earn interest on your savings over time. It’s a safe and convenient way to keep your money and watch it grow.

Instant-access savings accounts

Instant-access savings accounts enable you to not only withdraw whenever you want, but also have your money arrive back into the current account instantly.  Chip Instant Access Account

Prize draw savings accounts

These are accounts that offer regular prize payouts instead of interest, where by depositing you get entered into a prize draw to win a large cash lump sum. Chip Prize Savings Account

Notice savings accounts

Notice savings accounts require advance notice before you withdraw any of your money. Typically 30, 60 or 90 days, but it can be longer. Chip 90 Day Notice Account

Easy-access savings accounts

Easy-access savings accounts enable you to withdraw and deposit whenever you want free of penalties.

An award-winning savings app

Earn competitive savings rates with Chip.

Chip is a savings app that’s always looking to give you better savings rates. With our intelligent automatic saving tools and plans, we’re here to help grow your savings.

You can download and begin saving with our market-leading savings account for free today. Begin building your wealth effortlessly with Chip all through our savings app.

We're safe and secure

All our savings accounts are covered by FSCS.

All our savings accounts are provided by UK authorised banks and any money deposited in them is eligible for the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), where the government guarantees the return of up to £85,000.

Easy App & Quick
"The app is very easy to use and depositing money into my Chip account is done in seconds without any hassle. Great place to invest my money!"

Carolyn B.   |   March 7

Fantastic app for managing money!
"Chip has completely transformed how I manage my money. Within a year I had reached all my savings goals and I'm now growing my money through investments."

Mark B.  |   Jan 17

Great customer service
"Rare these days with other banks but when I contacted CHIP with an issue the response was very fast and the problem was immediately resolved. Well done and keep it up!"

Joe H.  |  Dec 11

Getting started

How to open a Chip savings account

We’ve made it easy to start building wealth with our savings accounts. There’s no forms or fuss and you can get started in just a few minutes.

Find the 'Savings' tab

On the ‘Savings’ tab of your Chip app, you can choose from a range of savings accounts offering great interests rates and big prizes.

Connect your bank

In order to make instant saves and withdrawals, you just need to connect your bank. Follow the simple steps to add your account in a few taps.

Start saving!

Make your first deposit via bank transfer, from your Chip savings accounts, debit card or Apple/Google pay and that’s it. Your savings account is open!

Invest in whisky

You can't really sell a decent single malt until it's at least 12 years old. And typically the longer whisky matures, the more valuable it gets. So as it matures, so could your investments.

Coming soon

What is the best savings interest rate?

Short answer: it depends. Obviously the higher the rate the better. But interest rates vary between different accounts. Learn more about interest rates.

If your savings are just sitting in your bank account, chances are they’re earning 0.1% interest. You deserve better.

At Chip we’re always fighting to bring you the best rates and our team directly negotiates with banks so you don’t have to. Sit back and let our savings app do the work for you.

Savings interest rates are measured in AER (Annual Equivalent Rate)

This is simply a percentage rate that shows how much you’ll earn once compounding (earning interest on interest) is taken into account. 

Compounding interest or fixed bonus rates?

Compounding interest rates are generally better than fixed bonuses. With compound interest you earn interest on interest, with fixed bonuses you only get paid interest on the money you deposit into the account.

Variable or fixed savings rates?

Banks might offer an account with a fixed interest rate, or a variable interest rate that they can change at their discretion.

The advantage of a fixed rate is obviously it won’t change, but banks often put some restrictions on withdrawals on accounts with fixed rate.

Whilst a bank can change a variable rate whenever they want (usually with a month’s notice), it means your rate can go up as well as down.

How does Chip fight to get the best interest rate?

We pool your money with all Chip customers, so we negotiate with banks on your behalf, effectively enabling you to be treated like someone with hundreds of millions in the bank. 

Why do savings rates change?

Savings interest rates broadly follow the Bank of England’s Base Rate of Interest, which is a rate the UK’s central bank moves to influence the economy.

Generally when inflation is low and they want to stimulate the economy, the rate is lower, when inflation is high and they want to slow it down, the rate is higher. 

But savings rates are also influenced by the market and banks competing with each other for customers.

Build wealth your way.

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