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Pick the membership plan that's right for you. Get started for free or level up with ChipX with a 28 day free trial. Then pay £5.99 every 28 days (paid monthly) or £65.05 paid (annually).

Basic plan
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ChipX plan
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General Investment Account
Access to competitive savings accounts
Stocks & Shares ISA
45p per save
Unlimited free use
Recurring saves
25p per save
Unlimited free use
Platform fees*
Access to all our investment funds
Index Tracker Funds
(excluding MSCI World ETF)
Ready Made Funds
Actively Managed Funds
Bonds/Money Market Funds
Thematic Funds
*Please note that a minimum charge of £1 (per account) applies to our Chip Stocks & Shares ISA and Chip General Investment Account.

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Got a question?

Frequently asked questions about our pricing plans.

What is the monthly cost of your app?

The standard Chip plan has no monthly cost. ChipX membership plan is either £4.99 every 28 days (paid annually at £65.05), or £5.99 every 28 days (paid monthly) with a host of benefits.

What’s the total cost of using Chip Investments?

These vary depending on your plan and the funds that you invest in.

Platform fees you will need to pay to invest with a free Chip membership:

• 0.25% annual platform fee, collected monthly (£1 monthly minimum fee applies per product).

Platform fees you will need to pay to invest on the ChipX plan:

• There are no platform fees for ChipX.

We reserve the right to amend these fees with two months’ notice.

Please note additional fund management charges apply. These are charged directly by BlackRock and other fund managers (see About BlackRock) and you can find the charges in-app when you open a fund, and on the funds’ Key Investor Information Documents.

How do I upgrade/downgrade?

You can downgrade, or upgrade your plan at any time.

Simply head to your profile tab, tap on ‘Your membership’, then ‘View plans’ and choose which plan you want to be on.

If you choose to downgrade from ChipX, you will stay on the ChipX plan until the end of your 28 day window.

How/when am I charged the subscription fee for ChipX?

You will be charged on the first day you upgrade to ChipX, then in 28 day cycles starting from that day.

How do I switch between plans?

You can upgrade to a ChipX membership whenever you like, you’ll find a few prompts around the app, or you can head to your ‘Profile’ tab, and select your plan.

Full access to our investment platform comes with ChipX membership. While you can access our investment platform with a standard Chip membership, you’re limited to thirteen funds.

You can also downgrade whenever you like, but you’ll need to make sure you have a £0 balance in your Stocks & Shares ISA (including all ChipX exclusive funds) and make sure any ChipX exclusive funds held in a GIA would need to be sold down before you can downgrade.

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