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Take a look at the funds available with Chip, and the different ways you can invest with us to build your own diversified portfolio that works for you.

With investing, your capital is at risk.

Build a diverse portfolio with our range of funds managed by the experts.

We bring you a variety of themed funds to choose from, like Clean Energy, Healthcare Innovation, and Crypto Companies. Whatever your interests and beliefs, there’s an investment fund for you, managed by some of the biggest asset managers in the world.

Low cost way to invest.

An efficient low cost way to build a diverse portfolio, without having to buy stocks or bonds individually.

Diversify your portfolio.

Investment funds contain hundreds of different assets to spread the risk, so you’re not just relying on 1 or 2 stocks.

Manage your investments.

Sit back while your investments are managed by the experts at the world’s biggest asset managers.

Invest ethically

Ethical investing looks beyond the performance, and brings into scope a company’s environmental footprint, impact on society and how it’s run from the top - these criteria are known as ‘ESG’.

Clean Energy fund

This fund invests in companies that directly produce clean energy or the technology and equipment involved.


Ethical X fund

This fund only makes investments that meet Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) guidelines.

Invest in a theme

Billionaire investor Warren Buffet famously said “Invest in what you know”. We all have areas of expertise and industries we understand that can help us make the right choices.


Healthcare Innovations fund

This fund invests in over 200 companies around the world involved in medical research and technology.


S&P 500 Tech fund

Invest in tech giants from across the USA; Silicon Valley to New York City.


Emerging Markets fund

Invest in companies in developing markets and economies around the world.

We partner with the world’s biggest fund managers.

At Chip we offer investment funds from the experts at some of the biggest names in investing, who already help millions of investors build their wealth across the globe.

These investment funds are created based on what you want to invest in, such as investing in clean energy or emerging markets.


Established in 1975 and trusted by over 30 million investors.


The world's largest money manager with over $9 trillion in assets.


On the ground in 25 local markets across the world.


A world leader in exchange traded-funds (part of BlackRock).

Invest in the big names you know

These are companies most of us are familiar with and we use in our day to day lives. Names like Coco Cola, Apple and Amazon are instantly recognisable and popular.

FTSE 100 Index fund

Invest in big British businesses, like Rolls Royce, Sainsbury’s and Vodafone.

Global Companies fund

Invest in a wide range of international powerhouses spanning 23 developed countries.

Invest according to risk.

When you invest, it’s important to work out the level of risk you’re comfortable with. So we’ve made it easier to decide with six of ours funds named according to their risk level.

Cautious X

A cautious approach, actively managed by BlackRock’s experts.


A passive fund with a cautious approach, managed by BlackRock's experts.

Balanced X

A balance of risk and return all actively managed by BlackRock experts.


A passive fund with a balance of risk and return, managed by BlackRock's experts.

Adventurous X

Seek big returns with a fund actively managed by BlackRock’s experts.


A passive fund seeking big returns with higher risk, managed by BlackRock's experts.

Invest in something a bit different

Gold is one of the oldest markers of wealth and can be a safe haven for investors. Fast forward to the 21st century and you can invest in emerging blockchain technologies.

Physical Gold fund

This fund aims to provide the performance of the spot gold price (after fees).

Crypto Companies fund

This fund invests in over 50 companies involved in the Blockchain and Crypto industry.

Getting started

Invest and manage your portfolio in the Chip app.

Manage your investments all in one place, buy, sell, and check your portfolio’s performance on the ‘Invest’ tab of your Chip app. This is updated daily with an easy to understand interface giving you a breakdown on how each fund is performing.

Choose your account

Start for free with a GIA or enjoy tax-free returns with a Stocks & Shares ISA on our ChipX membership plan.

Pick your investment fund

You can access five investment funds for free or get access to our full range with a ChipX membership.

Manage your portfolio

Once you’ve deposited into your funds, sit back, relax and let the expert fund managers do the hard work for you.

With investment, your capital is at risk. Tax treatment depends on your individual circumstances and may be subject to change in the future. A monthly or annual ChipX membership fee is required and fund management charges apply.

Opening a Chip account takes just a few minutes. No forms, no fuss.

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Got a question?

What funds and investing accounts can I access on the basic Chip

When investing with Chip on the basic plan, you ll be able to open up a General Investment Account (GIA). Five investment funds are available to invest in via this account. This includes the Cautious, Balanced and Adventurous funds, as well as the FTSE 100 Index fund and the S&P 500 Tech Fund.

What fees will I pay?

If you are on a Chip standard plan, you will pay fund manager charges and a 0.50% platform fee to invest with us. If you are a ChipX member, you won t pay platform fees - only fund manager charges.

What are fund management charges?

While Chip takes payment for these, these are charged directly by the asset manager (e.g. BlackRock) who manage your investments. They vary from fund to fund, each fund manager fee is clearly displayed on the funds page in your app.

What are platform fees?

Platform fees provide you with access to investment funds on your app. You only pay a platform fee on a Chip standard plan. There are no platform fees for ChipX members (only fund management charges). Chips platform fee for the standard plan is an annual charge of 0.50%, applied to the value of your investments including growth, charged monthly.

A minimum charge of £1 applies if you have a balance above £1 in any investment fund. You can find information about your platform fees, and how these are charged in your Investment statements, on your Profile. We reserve the right to amend these fees with two months notice.

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