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We offer themed funds from the world’s largest asset managers. Curated by experts, appropriate for anyone looking to build a robust, diverse portfolio. 0% platform fees with a ChipX subscription*.

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Invest in whisky

You can't really sell a decent single malt until it's at least 12 years old. And typically the longer whisky matures, the more valuable it gets. So as it matures, so could your investments.

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Zero platform fees*

You can invest as much as you want without being penalised for building long term wealth.*

Hands-free investing

Automatically top up your savings and investments with unlimited use of our autosaving tools and award winning A.I

Expertly-managed Funds

Invest in a wealth of thematic funds to choose from. Managed by experts at the biggest asset managers on earth.

*ChipX subscription & other fees apply.

Invest with the experts

Invest in funds.

We bring you a variety of themed funds to choose from, like Clean Energy, Healthcare Innovation, and Crypto Companies. Whatever your interests and beliefs, there's a theme to match, with more coming all the time.

Calculated using the annual return for the previous 5 years or lifetime of the fund (if trading for less than five years) and then averaging that number.

Clean Energy
(30/11/17 - 30/11/23)

Past performance is not a reliable guide to future returns. The value of your investment can go down as well as up and you might get back less than you originally invested. Historic returns are correct as of 30/11/22 for Healthcare Innovations, Crypto Companies Fund, S&P 500 Tech Companies, Clean Energy, Global Companies fund, Emerging Markets funds and FTSE 100.

Why invest in funds?

Investing in funds allows you to invest in hundreds of different assets all at once. It’s a bit like taking a ready-made portfolio, straight off the shelf.

While this type of investing can see more modest returns than investing in single stocks, it also tends to involve less risk - not to mention a lot less time-consuming to manage.

Through Chip, you can invest in a variety of funds, such as the S&P500, which invests in the largest tech companies in America, and the Emerging Markets fund.

Stocks & Shares ISA
Tax free

Stocks & Shares Individual Savings Accounts (ISA for short), enable you to seek tax-free returns on your investments.

You can put up to £20,000 every tax year into your Stocks & Shares ISA, and any profits you earn will be completely tax-free.*

*The ISA allowance is set by the government each year and may change in the future.

General Investment Account

General Investment Accounts (GIA) are used if you have more than £20,000 to invest, already have a Stocks & Shares ISA elsewhere, or you've already used your annual ISA allowance.

GIAs allow you to contribute as much as you like in a tax year. The only other difference is that there’s no tax benefit to using a GIA.

Tax treatment depends on individual circumstances. Chip does not offer tax or financial advice.

Your investments in one place

What is an investment account?

An investment account holds your investments. With Chip this means the money you invest in funds.There are two types of investment accounts, GIAs and Stocks & Shares ISAs (see below), with Chip you can have both.

Invest little, invest often

Hands free investing.

Investing with Chip also comes with an added bonus. It's called auto-investing, and it could revolutionise the way you build your portfolio.

Once enabled, our auto-investing tech will move money into an investment fund of your choice automatically, every month or every few days.

You've just auto-saved!
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Clean Energy fund
21.24% AAR*
Crypto Companies fund
20.74% AAR*

Pricing plan

Pick the membership plan that’s right for you.

Get started with a 28 day free trial then either £4.99 every 28 days (paid annually at £65.05), or £5.99 every 28 days (paid monthly).

Basic plan
ChipX plan
Get started with a 28 day free trial then either £4.99 every 28 days (paid annually at £65.05), or £5.99 every 28 days (paid monthly).
General Investment Account
Access to leading savings accounts
Stocks & Shares ISA
45p per save
Unlimited free use
Recurring saves
25p per save
Unlimited free use
0% platform fees*
Chip Instant Access
Access to all our investment funds
FTSE 100 index fund
S&P 500 tech fund
Clean Energy fund
Crypto Companies fund
Emerging Markets fund
Physical Gold fund
Healthcare Innovation fund
Ethical fund
Global Companies fund

Build wealth your way.

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