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The quickest way to reach us is via our chatbot that you can launch via the green icon on the bottom right of the screen or in the Chip app (go to the profile tab then 'Contact Us')

These will take you directly to a member of our support team who are on hand between 8am and 8pm weekdays, and 8am-1pm on weekends.

Alternatively drop us an email at hello@getchip.uk

Frequently asked questions

Chip's help centre team has put together a list of common queries. You should find the answer to most things here (relating to Chip, at least).

We also respond to emails to hello@getchip.uk pretty promptly and there'll always be someone on live chat between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday. Or you can put your question to other Chip savers in our forum too.

About Chip 👋

What is Chip?

Chip is an iOS and Android app that moves money for you in an intelligent way. Every few days, Chip’s algorithm calculates what you can afford to stash away based on your spending habits.

It then transfers that money from your current account to your Chip account - automatically. You put money away - without feeling it - and spend it on the things that really matter.

Which banks does Chip connect with?

Chip is only available in the UK and fully connects with 17 UK banks: Bank of Scotland, Barclays, Danske, First Direct, HSBC, Halifax, Lloyds Bank, Marks & Spencer, Monzo, Nationwide, Natwest, RBS, Revolut, Santander, Starling, TSB, Ulster Bank.

If your bank isn't on this list (eg Metro Bank, Tesco Bank, Co-operative Bank) you should still be able to connect to Chip using your bank card.

How much does it cost to use Chip?

It's free to get started with Chip and there's no charge for opening an account, or for moving money into Chip. But there is a small fee for using our AI and automations.

If Chip can automatically save you over £100 in a 28 day period, we will charge a £1 digital service fee. If our AI can't automatically save you £100 within 28 days, you don't need to pay anything.

Just note:
- The charge is just for the use of the algorithm and AI (i.e. autosaves).
- Manual saves are completely free.
- We’re not charging you for storing money with Chip.
- No matter how much you automatically save, you will never pay more than £13 in a year.

Connecting to Chip 🔌

Connecting your card to Chip

To start using Chip you can just snap a quick picture of your bank card (or enter your card details, if you’re old school).

It needs to be a debit card and Chip works best if it’s linked to your main day to day bank account. Just note - you can’t connect a credit card to Chip.

You then just need to enter a couple of details (name, address, date of birth, etc... ) so we can confirm your identity.

You’ll then be able to manually move money into your Chip account, enjoy automatic saves (though these work a little differently if you don’t fully connect your bank), and withdraw money.

Connecting Chip to your bank account

To fully benefit from the AI magic of Chip we need to plug into your bank account. This enables us to personalise your automatic saves and make sure we never take you into your overdraft.

Make sure you're on the latest version of Chip (check your App Store or Google Play). Then just open Chip and tap the pop up when prompted, or head to your "Profile" tab and tap "Bank settings" and follow the instructions.

How to connect:

1. We will securely take you from Chip to your banking app (or to your online banking in a browser, if you don’t have a banking app installed).

2. Log into your banking app using your fingerprint, passcode, or even connect at a glance using FaceID.

3. Tap a button to approve connecting your Current account to Chip, and your bank will take you back to Chip.

Can I connect more than one bank account?

Not yet. At the moment you can link one bank account to one Chip account.

Can I change my linked bank account?

Yes, you can. If you need to change your account just head into Live Chat and ask. We will need to end the connection to your current bank.

Because of money laundering regulations, we will also have to send back any money you have in your Chip account to that bank account. You'll then be able to link your preferred bank account to Chip.

ID checking

We need to verify your identity when you create an account with us, just to make sure you’re not a money launderer (99.999% of people aren’t).

We verify your identity with a referencing agency (Onfido - this isn’t a credit check!), and that’s why we need your name, date of birth and address.

Using Chip 📲

How often will Chip move money for me?

Chip will automatically move money for you every four days into your Chip account.

Though, occasionally you may miss a save, this is usually because the AI has worked out it’s not quite right for you to put money aside (ie your bank balance could be too low).

How much control do I have over Chip’s automatic calculation?

You can ask Chip to increase or decrease the amount we put aside for you.

You can cancel any transaction before 3pm, and you can pause Chip altogether at any time in your settings tab.

Can I deposit a lump sum in my account?

You can manually move money from your bank account to your Chip account whenever you want (we call this a ‘manual save’). You can’t set up a standing order - it has to be done manually.

Can I use Chip if I am overdrawn?

Yes. Just head to your ‘Account’ tab in the bottom right of your app, open ‘Settings’ and tap ‘Overdraft saves’.

Please note that if you enable overdraft saves, you are responsible for any charges or fees for using your overdraft.

If you only connect your bank card to Chip (and don’t fully connect Chip to your bank), Chip can’t see your bank balance so overdraft saving is on by default and can't be switched off.

What if my income isn’t regular?

Working out exactly how much money you can afford to stash away is especially tricky if your income fluctuates, but we believe Chip’s algorithm can handle it.

If you’re feeling cautious you can make Chip move less by adjusting your saves level (or pause your auto-saves) at any time.

Goals in Chip 🏋️

What is a Chip goal?

Goals are a target you can set yourself and keep track of in Chip. You can set an amount you’d like to put aside, what you’re saving up for and see a target date.

Goals are great way to stay motivated if you’re saving up for something in particular, most Chip savers set goals for holidays, the latest tech, a rainy day funds or even house deposits.

How does Chip know how long it will take me to hit my goal?

Chip looks at your average automatic save amounts to predict how long it will take to stash away a certain amount.

This will get smarter the longer you use Chip; the more automatic saves you have, the more data Chip has, the more accurate the prediction becomes.

Can I set more than one goal?

You can have up to three goals (we think it’s a good idea to have short, medium and long term goals), and allocate a percentage of your auto saves to go towards each goal.

For example if your auto save was £20, you could put;

But it’s entirely up to you!

Can I edit my goal?

Right now, you change the name, date and image. But you’ll be able to edit more in future.

Can I set a goal with a friend?

We’re developing a feature called ‘Squad Goals’ where you’ll be able to put money aside with your friends. Watch this space.

How we store the money 🔐

Where does the money go?

The money Chip puts away for you is deposited in your Chip account, which is a new account you open with us when you sign up. You can access the money in this account at any time.

Chip is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Service Regulations 2017 no. 911255 for the provision of payment services.

Where does Chip keep this money?

Chip is not a savings account and doesn't have FSCS protection, your money is stored as e-money. We work in partnership with electronic-money specialists PFS (Prepaid Financial Services) to store your money.

PFS store the money with a major retail bank (currently Barclays) in a ‘ring-fenced’ account, which means it’s never used for any trading activities.

Withdrawals 💸

How can I withdraw my money?

Tap the ‘withdraw’ button before 5pm on a working day and the money will land back in your current account the same day.

If you ask to withdraw your money over the weekend, or after 5pm, it’ll be with you the next working day.

Just be aware, if you’ve just moved money into your Chip account (either manually or with an auto-save), it may take up to 48 hours for this money to be cleared for withdrawal.

Your account 🤳

How do I access my account?

Your access to your Chip account is entirely through the Chip app.

What do I do if I want to change my phone, but not my phone number?

No worries. If you're keeping the same number, just download the Chip app on your new phone, start the sign-up, enter your phone number, enter the code on the text, and you'll be logged back into your Chip account.

You'll even get a "welcome back" message so you know it's all a-ok.

What do I do if I want to change my phone, and use a new phone number?

Just email hello@getchip.uk and tell us your existing (old) number and the new number and attach a photo of your ID (passport or driving licence).

We will change the phone number linked to your account. On your new phone, just download Chip and log in with the new number.

What do I do if I already got a new phone with a new number and I can't log in?

Don't panic! Just email hello@getchip.uk and tell us your old number and the new number and attach a photo of your ID (passport or driving licence).

We will change the phone number linked to your account and you'll be able to log in with the new number.

All about data 🗄️

What details do I need to give Chip?

To create a Chip account you need to enter your full name, date of birth and the address that your current account is registered at.

You can start using Chip with just your debit card details.

To fully connect your Chip account to your current account, you just need to log in to your banking app (or online banking in your phone's web browser if you don't have an app).

Is my data safe?

Chip has a data control licence - you'll find us on the ICO register - and we always act in full compliance with the Data Protection Act.

Your online banking login details are protected using 128+ bit encryption and Chip does not store this data.

Anything else? 🙋

I have a different question!

We want to hear it. We're just getting started and would love to hear your thoughts, comments, musings and puns. Please come into Live Chat or email hello@getchip.uk, any time between 9am and 6pm Monday to Friday.


You can ask questions directly to Chip and Chip savers on our forum.