It's time.

After two years in the making, ChipX is finally here.

Level up your savings with a ChipX membership. Your money has never been managed like this before.

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Risk level 6 of 7

Clean Energy

27.51% avg. annual returns

Risk level 5 of 7

Adventurous X

14.08% avg. annual returns

Risk level 5 of 7

Ethical X

New fund to market!

Risk level 6 of 7

Emerging Markets

20.87% avg. annual returns

Your capital is at risk. The value of your investment can go down as well as up and you might get back less than you originally invested. Past performance does not indicate current or future performance, and should not be the only thing you consider when selecting a fund.

Get serious. Get ChipX.

You don't need to be a millionaire to get the millionaire experience.

We don’t think you need to be a macho crypto-trading bro, an industry expert, or be super wealthy to want to see returns on your money, you just need ChipX membership.

Alongside investing, ChipX membership also unlocks exclusive, early-access to new features and funds, as well as a members-only ChipX icon.

Cash savings are dead.

Stop your money rotting in your bank.

We don't need to tell you savings interest rates are low. Most are lower than the inflation rate, so you could even be losing money in real terms.

We've already brought you our market-beating Chip+1 savings account, but it's time to take your savings up a gear by considering investing.

Which is why we've built ChipX.

Take your savings to the next level.

Put your money to work with BlackRock.

ChipX has a range of investment funds with something for all risk appetites on the menu; generally the higher the returns, the greater the risk.

The funds available with ChipX are brought to you by BlackRock, who look after $9 trillion of the world’s investments and have over 50 years’ experience in the UK.

We’ll share more information about the funds soon.

It's simple.

An entire portfolio in a few taps.

BlackRock’s investment funds typically spread your money across a wide range of assets (for example, the “Expert Managed Adventurous Fund” invests in more than 1,000 assets), which means you're not buying one stock in one company.

Basically instead of building a portfolio by picking your own stocks, an expert has done it for you.

Ethical returns, or the next big thing.

Invest in things that matter to you.

With ChipX, you can put your money in a fund actively managed by BlackRock’s experts, or choose from a range of funds around a theme, like healthcare innovation, emerging markets or clean energy.

Tax-free returns.

Access to Stocks & Shares ISA.

ChipX offers access to a tax-efficient Stocks & Shares ISA, where you won't need to pay any tax on any returns your investments earn (provided you're eligible).

Read more about ISAs here.

Done in 60 seconds

We've timed it. Honestly! Just enter a few details and you're ready to go.

Bank Connection

Securely connect your bank to Chip through Open Banking in a couple of taps.

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Automate and forget

We use AI and Open Banking data to find the perfect amount to save for you.

You're in control

You can fine tune Chip's AI and set your saving level, or adjust your auto-saves as you go.

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More about Auto-Saves.

Make and hit goals

Put a name on the big things you're saving up for, and split your funds between them.

Save Streaks

Keep on track to hit your goals and resist the urge to skip a save.

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FSCS eligible

Money in Interest Accounts is eligible for the financial services compensation scheme.

Market-leading rates

We continually go to the banks on your behalf to bring you better rates.

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