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Chip Cash ISA
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5.10% AER (variable tracker)
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We've improved the Chip home screen

When opening your Chip app you’ll now see a portfolio view, which offers an immediate snapshot of your savings and investments.

When opening your Chip app you’ll now see an enhanced portfolio view, which offers an immediate snapshot of your savings and investments, all in one place.

These changes have been driven by feedback and ideas from across the Chip community.

We've conducted extensive testing over several months, tweaking various features and elements, and the result is a simplified way for you to monitor your progress as you build wealth with Chip.

What changes have we made?

A cleaner, clearer view of your wealth

We’ve added a graph to visually represent your money’s performance over time, and to give you an instant insight into your short- and long-term successes, complete with a transparent view of interest earned and investment growth.

Looking back at growth

Your total returns (+/-£ number under your total portfolio balance) reflect your savings and investments returns for your selected time period. ‘Max.’ will always show your total returns to date.  

Your savings account returns (+£ number under your savings account balances) are cumulative showing all the returns you’ve earned in those accounts. They do not include pending interest or the impact of any withdrawals you’ve made over time.

Your investment returns (+/-£ number under your investment account balances) are your gains or losses, as of that given time. For example: if you select ‘1 week’, it's the total of your investment returns 1 week ago, and ‘Max.’ is your total investment returns as of today.

Savings and investments all in one place

We’ve also made it even easier for you to see our range of available savings accounts and investment products (ISA and GIA), curated to help you further grow your wealth.

Easily refer a friend

Also, it’s now easier than ever to access your referrals page. Simply head to the top right of the screen and you’ll be given everything you need to refer a friend to Chip, and earn a 0.25% AER boost* in the process.

Your journey with Chip

We're building Chip for you, with you.

The new portfolio view is just the first of many improvements we’re making.

We’re transforming Chip into your comprehensive wealth app; our goal is to give you a seamless, one-stop platform to build, manage, and grow your savings and investments, and we’re constantly seeking new, innovative ways to simplify your wealth building experience.

2024 is going to be a big year for Chip. We’ve already launched our Cash ISA, and we’re already looking at new products and accounts to help you go even further.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on the updated homepage, or anything else we’re doing.

Chip is your wealth app, so be sure to let us know what you want, and how we can help you build wealth your way.

Join the discussion on our social media channels here.

*T&Cs apply. The 0.25% AER boost would be applied on top of your existing Chip Instant Access AER interest rate for 90 days, once you and your friend have met the necessary requirements. In the event that the underlying Chip Instant Access Account AER interest rate changes, your total rate will also change accordingly.