Better habits build real wealth.

Check, track and optimise how you use Chip to grow your wealth everyday, and every month.

Diversify your portfolio

Open more accounts to avoid putting all your eggs in one basket.

Make a deposit

Regular deposits make for meaningful, sustainable growth.

Automate it

Explore Saving Tools and set up a recurring save, or switch on auto-saving or auto-investing.

Resist withdrawing 

We understand that everyday life can be expensive, but try to take a moment to remember your original goals and where you aspire to be.

Top up your  ISA and enjoy tax-free saving

Make the most of your annual tax allowance, and open an ISA with Chip. You can save up to £20,000 tax-free per tax year - and earn a very competitive interest rate, too.  

Consistently grow your balance 

Increasing your balance month on month puts you one step closer to financial freedom. Just set, forget, and watch your money grow. 

When investing, your capital is at risk. Chip does not provide tax advice or financial advice. Tax treatment depends on individual circumstances and may be subject to change in the future. Charges may apply for additional features.

How we'll calculate
your score

WealthScore isn’t about your balance. It’s a measure of how well your daily and monthly actions position you to build long-term wealth with Chip. 

Based on datasets

Your score is personal to your Chip account, based on a range of datasets designed to encourage positive wealth-building behaviour.

Updated daily

Your score updates daily, so you can see the difference fine-tuning your Chip setup can make. 

Coming soon

Like a bit of healthy competition? 

Your score is your business, but if you’re motivated by how people like you build wealth, you’ll be able to see how your habits compare. 

Meet our top-scorer.

They’re not who you’d expect. This Chip member is a perfect example of WealthScore not being about how much you have, but how you got there.

Sustainable saver

They split their money across most Chip accounts, growing their balance by a sustainable amount every month.


They religiously save £400 every month using our AI-powered Recurring Save tool.

Diverse investor

They have a diverse investment portfolio, regularly topping up a number of funds.


What is WealthScore?

WealthScore is a unique measure of how your Chip setup and behaviours influence your long-term wealth building.

It reflects the strength of your current daily and monthly habits, and encourages behaviours that will maximise how much you can grow wealth using Chip.

Please note that WealthScore is not a credit score and cannot be used in the same way.

Where can I check my WealthScore?

You will be able to check your WealthScore in-app, or we’ll direct you to a webpage from your inbox.

Why should I check my WealthScore?

Your WealthScore can be an insightful tool to gauge how you’re progressing, and if there are ways you can improve and optimise your current set-up.

How do I increase my WealthScore?

WealthScore rewards consistent, sustainable, positive wealth-building habits. You can increase your WealthScore by making the most of Chip. For example, setting up recurring saves, opening new accounts, and filling your tax wrapper.

How often does my WealthScore update?

Your WealthScore will update every morning, so you can refresh your app every day to see the positive impact your habits are making.

Does my WealthScore affect my credit score?

No. Your Chip WealthScore is unrelated to your credit score, and we don't share any information with credit reporting companies.

What does it mean by Beta version?

WealthScore Beta is the current version of this feature. We’ll be continuously looking at ways to improve, listening closely to member feedback, so please let us know what you think!

Can my WealthScore go down?

Yes. Noticing your WealthScore decrease can serve as a guide to what behaviours might be standing in the way of your long-term goals.

Have some ideas? Let us know!