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Why is my account temporarily restricted?

It’s all about putting your safety first.

We understand how frustrating it can be to encounter a temporary restriction on your account, and to feel like your money’s trapped, or that you’re in some kind of trouble. In nearly every case, it’s nothing to worry about.

Most situations that involve a temporary restriction can be resolved quickly, meaning you’ll be free to start building your wealth with Chip in next to no time.

Looking out for you

Our priority is to keep you safe and secure

Your security is our top priority, and sometimes that might mean making your account temporarily unavailable. We only take this step if we believe it’s strictly necessary in order to safeguard you and your personal details, and we’ll always ensure you’re kept updated about why it’s happening, and how we’re going to resolve the situation.

Here are some reasons why your Chip account may be temporarily restricted.

  • Unusual activity: We're bound to follow strict laws and regulations to prevent financial misuse and to protect our customers. If our system flags any unusual activity, we investigate further to ensure your account's security. If we suspect that an unauthorised third party is attempting to access your account, we'll take immediate action.
  • We need more information: Sometimes we will need you to supply additional information or details to verify your account. Until this is provided, your account may be temporarily restricted.
  • Compliance with T&Cs: If we determine that your account is in breach of our terms and conditions, we'll reach out to you to address the issue. If the problem remains unresolved, we may need to restrict (or close) your account.

Rest assured, our dedicated teams work swiftly to resolve issues such as these quickly. Generally, this takes no more than 1-2 working days, and oftentimes can be sorted out much faster.

If you have any concerns or questions about your account, please don't hesitate to reach out to us directly, either by replying to this email, or by emailing us at We're always here to help.